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Introduction To SRM

SRM is the tool to improve sales and grow business in real time simultaneously while monitoring and managing sales effectiveness with features such as: responsiveness, agility, efficiency, productivity and accountability of Filed / Sales Reps. Sales Rep Manager app is now equipped with a fraud analytic system that protects the company from every Sales reps hazard of monetary embezzlement, resource mismanagement and so many more. Our tool is the Leading Sales Effectiveness & Management Tool used by all major companies across the globe to grow & improve their sales by 10% - 45% per reps monthly with emphasis on monitoring of custom built KPIs and so many other unique features which will eliminate over 40% administrative duties. SRM successfully allows your field reps focus more on productivity and commitment rather than time consuming paper work.

The SRM Solution

SALES REP MANAGER admin/management/ backend portal can be accessed through any web browser from any device in any part of the world in as much there is internet connectivity available. The field reps also are equipped with the SRM mobile app which is connected to the console via internet to collect, process and send data to portal.

Mobile App for Reps
Web Console for Managers

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