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What's in it for the Sales Manager?

The Sales Manager is the most important yet most neglected individual in the sales team. The Sales manager has the responsibility of training, motivating and communicating with the sales reps. They are usually successful sales reps who eventually become sales managers. Their responsibility is to deliver a sales target over which the sales manager has no direct control and they try to accomplish this without any insightful, relevant information from their sales team. SRM provides the sales manager with critical information that allows them to improve performance on their jobs. The sales manager is in a better position to help each sales rep improve and to help the organisation generate more revenue.

Sale Rep Accountability

Each sales rep submits a report after every call / visit . It takes about 30 seconds and is received immediately by the SRM servers. The custom dashboard and databases are updated upon receipt of each report. This sales report is Geo date and time stamped. The sales manager now has key information about every sales visit and call made. Information includes;

  1. The time each sales rep starts their day.
  2. The time of every sales call.
  3. The number of calls made.
  4. Location during working hours.
  5. Real time filed activity report.
  6. The purpose, result and any issues discovered.
  7. Which clients were called on.
  8. What products were presented.
  9. Competitive activity, contract expiry, etc.

Sales Rep Skill Development

Good sales manager should be able to help their sales reps improve. Too often the only tool the sales manager has to identify a low performer is by sales results. This info rmation is usually available immediately at the end of each day and over time since the sales rep inception of the SRM usage . At SRM we provide the sales manager with insightful information about every sales rep -Information such as trends, performance challenges, ratios, strengths and opportunities. This information is gleaned through charts, reports, calendar review and client contact information maps as well as performance against quota. (Reports, Charts, Client Contact)The sales manager will have this information available in weeks or even days instead of months or quarters. The sales manager can use this information to customize and personalize their training efforts. The sales reps improve their skill set and increase their sales. The sales rep and company make more money.

Reporting Options

Sales reps often complain that doing reports is counter -productive, difficult and time consuming. The SRM system is vastly different from other reporting tools available. The sales rep can learn the system in 10 minutes easily and complete reports in less than 30 seconds by smart phone app, mobile website, text messaging, or computer. Our system is not a chore and provides many benefits to the sales rep. This is the reason our clients have compliance levels of over 95%.

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